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Magic Man Dave

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Magic Man Dave

Close-up magic to thrill your eyes and tease your mind

Add a little spark to your next party!

Celebrate your adult birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and get togethers with a personal magic performance just for you and your special guests.

I perform "walk around" to entertain individuals and small groups or "parlor magic" for entertaining everyone at once.

My illusions are fun, entertaining and humorous, making use of coins, ropes, rings, money, magic boxes and, of course, playing cards; with some mentalism thrown in for good measure. I enjoy customizing my performance to fit your specific occasion.

There is audience participation throughout my act with the credit and applause directed toward those who have become my "assistants".


Entertaining magic that will delight your guests.
Magic that will make them laugh.
Magic that will amaze them.